Q & A: In the Jane Eyre novel, which quotes show how her childhood changed her or show her transitioning from her childhood self to her adult self, and why?

When I was assigned this book for the first time I thought “here we go… this looks BORING!” It was even the same time of year, so reading about the windswept moors of the British countryside wasn’t all that appealing.

But I had nothing better to do, so I sat down to read the first paragraph. And I discovered… “hey, this language is pretty cool…” So I read a little more, and saw a little girl dragged into the infamous Red Room to do battle with a ghost. Say What???

See, what the English Teachers of the world forget to tell students is that Jane Eyre, apart from being one of the more important works of English literature, is a fantastic ghost story. In fact, poor Jane lives in not one but two haunted mansions in her lifetime. This poor kid lives through some of the most epic struggles you can imagine, and she just refuses to go down even when the entire world seems out to stomp her.

Give this book a try. After I got over my initial suspicions about it, it landed in my “Best books of all time” pile (and that’s a pretty short stack).


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