Quora Top Writer, 2018!

CaptureWell blow me down!  As many of you know I am rather addicted to answering questions on Quora.  I don’t ask many of them, but answering questions is how I relax after a long day spent perpetually perplexed.

Or at least it used to be.  Due to “real life” I’ve not been able to log on much in the last few months, and I’ve missed it.  I’ve been watching my answer-views climb (especially any time I write about my rescue-pup, Ginger) but  I haven’t had the time to give new answers much thought.  At least, until now.  This afternoon I received a happy surprise…


CaptureSo of course I had to scurry off to see if I had a badge.  I do!  Here it is!  I also get a 1 year subscription to the Gray Lady (aka “New York Times”, but that name lacks a certain something-something…) which is very cool.

I’ve won other contests / awards before, but this one is special because it was a complete surprise.  Also, because I really needed something nice to happen right now.  I think this is the wake up call I needed to get back on the horse and remember what’s important – WRITING.  So thank you very much, Mr. Brill!


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