How to Write: Be Kind to Yourself

partyIn the last few weeks I’ve encountered some setbacks.  Drear Mundania (thank you Piers Anthony for that lovely expression!) has raised its ugly head.  I’m looking at a partially demolished condo.  I’m hiring a lawyer to sue my HOA re: partially demolished condo.  There’s construction outside that rattles my teeth.  My brother just celebrated his birthday, as did my father.  My own birthday was 5 days ago, and we tossed Valentine’s day in there.  Not to mention going to the gym, shopping, a few big snow storms….

With all that, how can I find time to really write?  Oh, I’ve tinkered with paragraphs, gotten in some editing, but really writing?  On the novel?  No.  Not really.

 Neil Gaiman says...

I’m sitting here thinking about all this.  It’s tempting to give myself a real tongue lashing.  You jerk!  You missed your Febno goal by 8,000 words, and most of that was non-fiction!  How do you think anyone will take you seriously when you can’t act like a serious writer??

Tempting, but… no.  Now and then, dear friends, I deserve a break.  So do you.  I’m all for self-discipline.  It’s a requirement of writing, and something usually in short supply for the creative mind.  However, I also believe in giving yourself a break.  Not an eternal break – this needs to get done and it WILL get done.  But keep things in perspective.  You’re ok.  Keep writing and when life gets in the way work to remove the obstacle, then focus again.

Remember, there are times to give yourself a swift kick in the pants, just as there are times to be gentle with yourself.  All things in moderation – don’t go exclusively to one extreme or the other.  Believe in yourself.  You’ll get there.

PS – this post is a good example, actually.  It has eaten itself twice for reasons unknown.  I could yell at myself or just re-post.  Nothing lost, keep perspective, I’ll get there.  🙂


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