Stephen King, marketing genius

You may notice that I talk a lot about Stephen King when discussing writing.  I’m a huge fan, though I have no use for the horror genre.  I like King in spite of his chosen subject matter. I wish I could teach a class on characterization just based on his works.

CTOne of the things I admire most about King is his business savvy.  He’s not afraid to take chances.  Recently I mentioned his Kindle Single as yet another innovation in communication.  Before that I was impressed with his idea of a serial novel Green Mile, an old fashioned concept brought into the modern era.  It didn’t work as a serial, but I loved it anyway.  I own every volume of the Marvel graphic novel adaptation of The Stand.

I’m watching the Super Bowl right now, where I just saw a commercial for King’s newest project, “Under The Dome“. It’s a one season serial for CBS, 13 episodes beginning June 24th, 2013.  This is in keeping with a guy who lives to experiment – one season serial shows are common in Europe, unheard of in the US.


I was impressed by the commercial, so I went to the website to learn more about the show.  The WEBSITE scared me.  In fact, my heart is still racing.  And once again, if I could stand and applaud Mr. King’s business sense I would.  An unfortunate reality of modern publishing is that any successful author must also be successful in marketing.  He can teach us all quite a bit.


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