Scene Excerpt: 75 Miles to Montauk

This quicky written in honor of an idea from Vici Doore.  Thanks Vici!


Tristan huddled over the map, his long fingers tracing graceful patterns over the lines.  “I think I see it.” He said at last.  “We went wrong.”

Evan looked over his shoulder, then frowned.  “Don’t.  Just… don’t.”

Tristan frowned.  “Don’t?”

“Don’t say it.”

Tristan continued to puzzle over the map.  “But… look.  We should have taken a left turn at Albuquerque.”

Evan closed his eyes and sighed, obviously counting to ten.  Twice.  “There’s gotta be a beer around here somewhere.”  As he rummaged through the cooler Julie shot Tristan an approving grin.   A little startled, Tristan smiled back, tossing in a shy shrug.  Then he folded the map before carefully returning it to his back pocket.


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