Well, friends, in light of this new turn of events, I’m going to officially call it. It would have been a serious push to get the novel ready in time for the Amazon contest. But in light of my illness, I can’t write at all. I can barely think, it hurts so much, and I can’t see out of 1/2 of my face. The little cold has become a sinus infection. There’s nothing to do but wait it out. The timing could not be worse, and yes I’m tempted to throw myself off a building. It’s one thing not to win. But not to enter… whew. I’m off to cry myself to sleep. ll try to think of something more constructive to do when I wake up.

I’ve got to share this. My beautiful partner just apologized to ME for getting me sick. Did she berate me for not finishing on time? No. She’s so supportive she actually apologized to ME, as though she’s not working her ass off to pay bills just to give me this chance. When searching for the definition of true love, look no further. ♥ ♥

And you know, I would have been locked into a non-negotiable contract even if I won the damn thing. There are other fish in the sea.


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