Tidbits on time

I’ve been obsessed with the Montauk Point radar tower since I lived on Long Island.  It is the center of many conspiracy theories, most of which have to do with time travel and nearly all of which have to do with the Philadelphia Experiment.  I’ve discovered everything I can about all this, trying to sort the more credible information from the wilder stuff.  As you might guess, it’s also one of the principle locations of my book.

So I was going over some bookmarks in Google Earth and I decided to pull up the radar tower.  The GE photos aren’t updated too often, but when they are the position of the tower often changes.  The current shot has it pointing north, the first picture I ever saw of it, the dish was facing east.  Yeah, it’s not used anymore and it’s one of the fun things to puzzle about.  But for the first time I had the option on that named the roads in the area.  The one leading to it is “Col. John Dunn Road.”   Which is really weird.  From what I can find John J. Dunn was a gallant soldier, heavily decorated for extraordinary service in WWII and Korea.  He lived in Alabama and is buried at Arlington.

Why would an Alabama war hero have an obscure road in the Hamptons named after him?

Dunno.  However, while I was trying to figure out who John J. Dunn was, I stumbled on one of the happiest pieces of serendipity I’ve come across in years.  I clicked on what I thought was John J. Dunn, and it led me to John William Dunne.  Who would be the most perfect individual to name this road after the world has possibly ever seen.

John WILLIAM Dunne was an “Anglo-Irish aeronautical engineer and author.  In the field of parapsychology he achieved a pre-eminence through his theories on dreams and authoring books preoccupied with  the question of the nature of time.”

He also designed the prototype of the tailless aircraft.  H.G. Wells was a friend of the family, he was heavily inspired by Jules Verne and while demonstrating his design for tailless aircraft, Orville Wright was in the audience.

When he retired he began writing philosophical books based on his experience with precognitive dreams.  His published works include “An Experiment with Time”, “The Serial Universe”, “The New Immortality”, and “Nothing Dies”.

That’s a bingo.


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