15 Authors in 15 Minutes

List 15 Authors that influenced your life.  Wow, only 15?  Don’t think too hard – limit: 15 minutes.

George Orwell

Piers Anthony

Robert Heinlein

Anne Rice

Stephen King

Hunter S. Thompson

Margaret Atwood

Charlotte Bronte

Mary Doria Russell

JRR Tolkein

Thomas Jefferson

Douglas Adams

Neil Gaiman

Terry Pratchett

Anne Bradstreet

Honorable mention to Jonathan Edwards & St John de Crevecoeur, not so much for the writing but for the mental images that came with it.  Interesting lesson.   And to John Adams, again not so much for what he wrote, but in the value he placed upon the written word.  That made a profound impact on me.

Ha!  I did the first 14 in about 2 minutes, then I spent the rest of the time figuring out who to end the list with!  Some of them inspired me to write.  Some of them taught me how to be a writer.  One of them did both, then showed me all the things NOT to do, which was a fantastic lesson.  All have changed my life.


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