Writing? Yes, writing!

I just had coleslaw and potato chips for breakfast. Does this mean I’m A. Manic B. Depressed or C. Normal? I’m going for C.

Among other things, psych drugs destroy creative ability. They destroy lots of things, actually. Like, for example, the ability to pray. No, really! You can’t pray in an emotional coma. If the church knew its stuff, they’d come out against them as unholy. but I digress.

Clarity of mind being somewhat restored, at least as much as it ever will be I suspect, I’ve suddenly started writing again. I mean REALLY writing. Not the crap that you have to try to force your fingers to type. No, I’m talking about the 100 WPM fly through it so fast your not quite sure what you wrote until you go back and read it later type writing. The type you can’t stop. OMG it’s nice to have that back!! It’s like I got one of my senses back just before I forgot what it was like to have it at all.

I have some seriously good ideas, and I’ve been brushing up on the publishing industry in light of the new economy. And actually I see some hope here. Big Name Authors are EXPENSIVE! So there’s a market right now, slight though it may be, for no name cheapo authors. there’s a legit opportunity to kick down this door.

I’ve got writing partners, time to do it, a good idea and opportunity. This is it!! And while I’m working on the novel, I’ve a side idea about a book on being totally bonkers. It seems to be the only thing I’m truly expert at. 😉


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